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Submitted on
June 3, 2012


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Judging now, posting a new journal entry with the results.

There are 2 parts to this journal entry, an OC Contest and 150:points: Raffle.
The contest is the first part and the raffle is the second part.
Also I have changed the end date so mae sure you look at it.
Also I have a Kiriban at 12,680 page views
Note me an uncropped screen shot.
Winner gets a chibi commissions up to 2 characters.
Contest Holder's Note:
I have extended this contest a lot of times =_="
And I am not going to extend it anymore.
Thank you to everyone that are joining to have the patience to wait for the results ^^~
Character tally! I miss counted ^^;
Tomoyo = IIII
Kaiyo = II
Keitaro = III
Takuto = I
No one in particular...
PART ONE - Shaymin1268's OC Contest!

I decided to run a contest which will last for approx. 2 months. (But since it got extended a lot of times... It lasted 3 months...)
Start: 3rd of June
End: 26th of August


Click here to look at the contest entries!

:iconshaymin-chi:   :iconacelin-t:

Anyone can join! (even if you aren't a watcher!)
Traditional and Digital are allowed and even mixed media.
You may draw more than 1 OC
No nudity please.
Any questions, please ask me by a comment or note. I don't bite.
Must be 'good quality' - No sketches please, I might accept a good line art
No photography
To submit art, comment below with your link or note me the link.
Max. 2 submittions
Quality is better than quantity ^^~

:star:YOUR GOAL (or what you are meant to draw, you can write a story about them if you like...):star:
Ok, you got the first part that you have to draw my OC/s. Theme is Happiness, so if you draw me a gloomy dark picture, I'll accept it but it is 100% that you wont win.
- What makes you happy?
- How do you enjoy yourself (e.g. Annoying people) ?
Also if you do not know what OC means, it means Original Character, a person that you have made up.
You may make the OCs' cross worlds e.g. Put Kiseki and Kisaki in one world. Since Kiseki and Fi are in one world, Takuto, Kaiyo, Tomoyo and Keitaro in another world and Kisaki on her own in one world. The reason why I ran this contest, is to make me feel a bit merrier after few long depressing days, so I hope the deviation is a happy one ^^~
You can make up another OC like a male version of Kiseki/Fi/Kisaki (but you must also include my OC), or stick Keitaro in a dress (but I already did that...) See? 62. You Must be Kidding Me by Shaymin-chi
6. My World by Shaymin-chi
My OC Kiseki and Fi having a good time ^^~
More info on them below.

My OC Kiseki Tsubaki
My OC - Kiseki Tsubaki by Shaymin-chi
She doesn't really have a background but that she is cheerful and likes singing.
Her name means Miracle (Kiseki) Flower (Tsubaki).
I'll just add that her best friend is Fi (which I will explain more about her below).
There's no other info about her having more friends or that she could have magic powers or anything so you can make that up.
She does have wings..... And annoys Fi a lot because of her innocence. She's forgetful too...

My OC Fi
My OC - Fi by Shaymin-chi
Ok, she is based on my best friend and she does look a bit devious, but she is a really nice and friendly person. Her fave colour is aqua if you want to know.
Her 'Weapon of Mass Destruction' is the blue pen that she is holding (the clicky pens). She doesn't really like wearing Lolita types of dresses (try sticking her in one of those dresses, what will her reaction be?). I said Fi is Kiseki's best friend so... It means they are best friends. There isn't much background info, like my other OC Kiseki.

My OCs Takuto Takahashi, Kaiyo Watanabe, Tomoyo Mochizuki and Keitaro Watanabe
Happy Easter by Shaymin-chi
I blotted a big background for them... Already... It is Takuto x Kaiyo and Tomoyo x Keitaro
Takuto Takahashi - Fun loving nature, doesn't mind being put in a dress. He's playful and really open. He's best friends with Keitaro Watanabe.
Kaiyo Watanabe - Elder twin, putting Keitaro as the younger brother. She normally gets annoyed with Takuto annoying her everytime they meet and hits him in exchange. Her best friend is Tomoyo.
Tomoyo Mochizuki - Very quiet person, and very sweet. She's really smart and doesn't really talk much. Her best friend is Kaiyo and really happy to have Kaiyo as a friend, eventhough their personalities are completely different. She normally laughs softly and smiles each time Kaiyo gets annoyed with Takuto.
Keitaro Watanabe - Younger twin, putting Kaiyo as the older sister. He is much more mature than Kaiyo but sometimes really sneeky. He's really good at pulling jokes.
Keitaro and Kaiyo don't really get along well with each other.....

My OC Kisaki
1. A World Without Colour by Shaymin-chi
I just wanted her to smile in a picture. Her name is similar to Kiseki but the 'e' is an 'a'. She lives in a world without colour and that is how much I know. She's just really lonely there and hope to help the world to get the colour back.
I think her name means queen or emperor... I am not that sure....

Let your imagination flow!

:star: 1st place :star:
One month Premium Membership or 396:points: from Shaymin-chi
Winners Package from AnotherContestGroup
5:points: from Missvirginia3
5:points: from GumDropGamer
5:points: from VioletBalloons
5:points: from FeatherKittie (She donated the points to me so I giving them to whoever comes 1st place.)
5:points: from Seavannah
5:points: from klilia
Traditional Drawing from Shaymin-chi
Full body from Shaymin-chi
3 Requests from Natalie4ever
2 Requests from keirui
Free commission from gooygreen
Full body from Doko-Latte
Pixel icon from cinnamon-tea-time
Full body from MissAnime2000
Digital Waist-up from DeliciousPocky
Traditional Drawing from Acelin-T
Traditional Drawing from Alphonis
Sketch from MagicIpodOfCats
Chibi from MysticallyDrawn
Chibi from MystPhaze
Chibi from Alathriel
Digital Danny Phantom style drawing from vedisdragon (one character)
Traditional Coloured Lineart from yahiroxyuki (one character)
Full body sketch from Yoko-tan
Sketch/lineart from Doko-Latte
Full body sketch from momokamisama
Semi-Realistic drawing from cookiecreation
Traditional Drawing from PastelLights
Pencil sketch from SqueekyTheBalletRat
Critique from :devvivafairy:
Poem from :devvivafairy:
1-15 Point Adoptable from TLartist
Watch from PastelLights
Llama from Seavannah
Llama from PastelLights

:star: 2nd place :star:
170:points: from Shaymin-chi
5:points: from Missvirginia
3:points: from GumDropGamer
3:points: from Seavannah
Traditional Drawing from Shaymin-chi
Chibi/Head shot from Shaymin-chi
Traditional Drawing from Alphonis
Coloured Waist-up from Kanadesonya
2 Requests from Natalie4ever
A Request from keirui
Sketch from Yumichan216
Chibi from MysticallyDrawn
Pixel icon from cinnamon-tea-time
Waist up from MissAnime2000
Sketch from MagicIpodOfCats
Full body sketch from momokamisama
Drawing from angelicshine
Sketch/lineart from Doko-Latte
Bust shot sketch from Yoko-tan
Anime drawing from cookiecreation
Critique from :devvivafairy:
Llama from Seavannah

:star: 3rd place :star:
Cake badge or sunglasses for llama or 80:points: from Shaymin-chi
15:points: from Acelin-T
5:points: from Missvirginia
2:points: from GumDropGamer
2:points: from Seavannah
2:points: from keirui
Traditional Drawing from Shaymin-chi
Full body sketch from Shaymin-chi
Traditional Drawing from Alphonis
A Request from Natalie4ever
Chibi from MissAnime2000
Pixel icon from Cherry-Balloon
Sketch from MagicIpodOfCats
Chibi from Doko-Latte
Gradient sketch from Acelin-T
Digital drawing from mimiko-stars
Chibi from cookiecreation
Chibi from Sweet-Lolly-Love
Headshot sketch from Yoko-tan
A Drabble from Metarex12
Llama from Seavannah
Llama from momokamisama

There would be 3-5 other places that would get a traditional drawing from Shaymin-chi and a llama.


PART TWO - 150:points: raffle!

How to get tickets?
Fave this journal (one ticket)
Share this information in your journal or poll (one ticket)
Join Around-DeviantArt and submit at least 1 deviation (one ticket) [If you already joined Around-DeviantArt, just submit a piece of art.
Join my OC Contest (one ticket)
Donate for my contest (for the prizes) (one ticket)

You can get up to 5 tickets!
Remember to give me the link to your journal and I know if you have join the group/contest or submit art or not since I am the founder.
I'll tell you the number of tickets you get and the winner will be announced on one day after the contest dealine since you can get more tickets by entering the contest!
Also, I am listing the tickets in a book so ask me to see how many tickets you have earned!
You can donate prizes and join the contest at the same time

Check your tickets here => (sorry they haven't been updated it yet since my uploading thing takes ages....)
Ask me if I haven't typed down your tickets.

Thank you ^^~


Also I have some adoptables. If you want to have a look, they are at my donation pool, thank you ^^~
I'm opening my point commissions but you name the price you are going to pay for them. I might be really slow so I'm scared people wont wait for high priced commissions which take a long time.
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